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Sabon Sugbuanon

The Power of Community. After a successful four-course fundraising dinner by Chef Paul Marco Samson held on May 11, 2022 at Hukad Golden Cowrie Salinas, we were able to raise P46,800 for materials used on our first project implementation day on May 29, 2022. With the help of these 26 generous individuals, 15 mothers were able to take lightly used soaps from HRRAC Cebu affiliated hotels (promoting sustainable tourism as our tourism industry is wonderfully beginning to bloom once again) and recycle them into plenty of new bars to protect their families from a variety of health concerns.


Their children simultaneously learned about personal hygiene practices through the Children of the Coast Foundation. Therefore, families were sent home empowered with the knowledge that they've positively impacted the environment, equipped with skills to sustainably protect themselves, and ready to play a bigger role in society's move towards a more eco-friendly world.

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