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Smiles For Life ,Better teeth for better health.


What better way to improve one’s way of life than to start with a healthy smile. Smiles For Life is a dental caravan project, which serves as an avenue in promoting dental health care to help improve the quality of life of every community.


Last April 24, 2023, Barangay Sawang Calero was the first out of three communities that JCI Zugbuana had partnered with for this dental caravan. Over 250 recipients were given free essential dental health services, of which were divided into three different stations — tooth extraction, oral prophylaxis, and fluoride application for children. Free dental kits were also offered, followed by an interactive lecture on proper toothbrushing with help from Zugbuana members. 


After a successful fundraising cause for the first series, a pair of portable dental chair and ultrasonic scaler machine were also turned over to the barangay in which was used during the event. 


We are grateful for all the partners and sponsors involved in making this first event a success. From volunteer dentists, volunteer dentistry student clinicians of UV Gullas, and Sawang Calero SK staff for assisting in the preparation of the event. We also would like to extend our gratitude to Dunkin Donuts, Marguerite’s Kitchen, and Thirsty for sponsoring the food for all who participated in this event.


With this, JCI Zugbuana continues its fundraising campaign to share our cause and provide essential dental services in the next community.

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